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Photo Gallery

The saga of Dr. Ambedkar's life from his birth (14.04.1891) to his death (06.12.1956) unfolds through the medium of the rare photographs exhibited here.

As we mount the remaining stairs, we find ourselves in a circular photo-gallery with rare photographs right from 1927 to his last journey on 6th December 1956, which shows glimpses of the eventful life of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, who rose from humble beginnings to become one of the most prominent and revered citizens of India. Important events of his life are unfolded through these rare photographs.


Subedar Ramji Maloji Sakpal was the father of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar who was a Subedar – Major in army. Ramji & his wife Bhimabai were blessed with their fourteenth child Bhimrao. Dr. Ambedkar was fondly called ‘Bhima’ by his father

The first Satyagraha at Mahad against the prohibition on untouchables to have drinking water at the public pond. (25.12.1927)

Dr. Ambedkar with the members of Simon Commission. Sir.Simon is seen on the right of Dr. Ambedkar. (Oct 23, 1928)\

A view of Kalaram Temple Entry Satya-Graha at Nashik under the leadership of Dr.Ambedkar. (1930)

The First Round Table Conference was inaugurated by King George-V on Nov.12, 1930 in London, Dr.Ambedkar, Delegate, seen in the left row.

Second Round Table Conference held in London on Sept.7, 1931 under the Chairmanship of Mr. Ramasay Mac Donald, British Prime Minister. Gandhiji, Pandit Madam Mohan Malaviya, Barrister M.R.Jaykar & Dr.Ambedkar.

Poona Pact Sept.24, 1932. From the left – Barrister M.R.Jaykar, Sir Tej Bahadur Sapru, Kajolkar, P.Balu and other leaders are seen outside the Yerawada Central Jail.

Dr.Ambedkar with his family members at Rajgraha, his residence in Hindu Colony, Dadar (Bombay). From left – Yashwant (Son), Dr.Ambedkar, Smt.Ramabai (Wife), Smt. Laxmibai (Wife of his elder brother, Balaram), Mukund (Nephew) and Dr.Ambedkar’s favourate dog, Tobby.

Dr.Ambedkar with Professors of Government Law College, Bombay. (Sitting from left) Shri.A.A.Gyzee, T.N.Valavalkar, A.B.Vaidya and Dr.Ambedkar. (Standing) Shri.S.B.Jathar, M.S.Vakil, NHC Coyazee, L.F.Rodrigues, Smt.R.P.Karve, Registrar.

Dr.Ambedkar in grief standing near the dead body oh his dutiful & pious wife Smt.Ramabai who died on May27, 1935. His son Yashwant & nephew Mukund & other followers are seen.

Dr.Ambedkar observing Rally of Samata Sainik Dal established at Kamgar Maidan ,Parel, Mumbai.

Labour Minister pays visit to the Slums of Mines Labours to listen their grievances.
( 1942)

Mahila Samaj honoured Dr. Ambedkar at Rajagraha on his appointment as Member, Governer General’s Executive Council. (April 1942)

Dr.Ambedkar, Labour Member seen with Lord Wevell. (In Center) and other members of Viceroy’s Executive Council. (2 July 1942)

Dr.Ambedkar with his followers during a meeting at Nashik. On his right Dr.Dadasaheb Gaikwad and at the back Madakebuwa and R.D.Bhandare are seen.

Dr.Ambedkar with Women delegates of the Scheduled Caste Federation during the Conference of the Federation on July8, 1942 at Nagpur.

Reception to Sir.Cripps. Dr.Ambedkar standing next to Shri.K.M.Munshi.

Dr. Ambedkar with his devoated colleagues of the People’s Education Society, Bombay. ( July 1945 )

Dr.Ambedkar in Constituents Assembly. On his left are Shri.Antony, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and B.G.Kher. (1947)

Raobahadur C.K.Bole and other workers meet Dr.Ambedkar at the Bombay Airport. The group requested Dr.Ambedkar to adopt the saffron colour flag as the National Flag – Bombay, July 10, 1947.

Dr.Ambedkar Chairman, Drafting Committee of Indian Constitution with other members. (Sitting fromleft) Shri.N.Madhavrao, Sayyad Sadulla, Dr.Ambedkar (Chairman), Alladi Krishnaswamy Iyer, Sir Benegal, Narsingh Rao. Standing from left – Shri.S.N.Mukharjee, Jugal Kishor Khanna and Kewal Krishnan. (Aug29, 1947)

Dr.Ambedkar being administeared the Oath by the first President of Indian Republic Dr.Rajendra Prasad. Jawahar Lal Nehru the then Prime Minister of India, looking on. (1947)

Dr.Ambedkar & Shakarrao Dev, members of Congress Working Committee at Birla House, New Delhi where Gandhiji’s dead body was kept for Darshan on Jan.30, 1948.

Dr.Ambedkar, Chairman Drafting Committee Presenting the draft of the Constitution to Dr.Rajendra Prasad, President Constituents Assembly. (Feb.1948)

Dr.Ambedkar married Dr.Sharada Kabir at his residence , Hardings Avenue,New Delhi on 15th April, 1948. Prior to the marriage she was the doctor attending Dr.Ambedkar during hiw illness in Bombay.

Dr.Ambedkar, Dr.Smt.Ambedkar with the first Indian Governor General C.Rajagopalchari and his family members at Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi on July 28, 1948.

Karmveer Bhaurao Patil, Karmayogi Sant Gadgebaba and Dr.B.R.Ambedkar – Trustee of Sant Chokhamela Dharmashala, Pandharpur. Gadgebaba dedicated this Dharmashala to Dr.B.R.Ambedkar. ( 1949 )

Dr.Ambedkar planting a Bodhi Tree in the Campus of Milind College, Aurangabad with Dr.Mrs.Ambedkar & B.H.Varale ( 1950 )

Members of First Central Cabinet of Indian Republic Pandit Nehru, Prime Minister and Dr.Rajendra Prasad, President of India are sitting in the center. Dr.Ambedkar is sitting at the extreme of the first row. (Jan.1950)

Foundation stone of new college at Aurangabad (named after Milind) was laid on Sept,1,1950 by Dr.Rajendra Prasad, President of India. Dr.Ambedkar & Dr.Mrs.Ambedkar are seen.

Dr.Ambedkar, Law Minister & Dr.Rajendra Prasad, President of India in the famous Kailas Cave, Ellora on September 2, 1950.

Dr.Ambedkar debating with religious Scholors on Hindu Code Bill in the Parliament, New Delhi.(1951)

Dr.Ambedkar & Dr.Shamprasad Mukherjee President, Bhartiya Janasangha talking on the Campus of Parliament. (1951)

Columbia University conferred the LL.D.degree on Dr.Ambedkar. The photograph while leaving Mumbai by plane on June 1, 1952.

The Columbia University conferred an honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws on Dr.Ambedkar in recognition of Drafting of Indian Constitution, Social Reformer and Valiant fighter for Human Rights at the hands of General Ei-sen-hower, the President of Columbia University, New York on June 5, 1952.

Dr.Ambedkar performed inaugural Ceremony of “Atre Pictures.” Mahatma Phule, at the famous studios in the Bombay on Sunday January 4, 1954. Acharya P..K.Atre, Dr.Ambedkar, Actor Baburao Pendharkar (Jyotiba Phule) and Sulochana (Smt.Savitribai Phule).

A purse of Rs.1, 18,000 = 00 was handed over to Dr.Ambedkar on behalf of the Scheduled Caste Federation by Dr.R.D.Bhandare. Purandare Park, Dadar – 29th October 1954.

Dr.Ambedkar addressing the World Buddhist Conference held at Rangoon (Barma). Shri.V.V.Giri Indian High Commissioner and Dr.(Smt) Ambedkar are seen. (December, 1954)

Dr.Ambedkar sitting in his library at his residence, 26 Alipore Road, New Delhi. Dr.Sadatissa, Buddhist Monk from Sri Lanka came to wish Dr.Ambedkar on his birthday.

Dr.Ambedkar addressing the Public meeting held on Buddha Jayanti at New Delhi. The British High Commissioner (sitting) was Chief Guest.

Dr.Ambedkar embraced Buddhism on October 14, 1956 at Nagpur. Bhante Chandramani administering the oath in Pali to Dr.Ambedkar & Dr.Mrs.Ambedkar Devipriya Valisinha, General Secretary, Mahabodhi Society, is seen in center.

Dr.Ambedkar accompanied by Mrs.Maisaheb Ambedkar while leaving on 15th November 1956 for conference of the Bhratru-Sangh, at Kathmandu.

Dr.Ambedkar delivering his historic speech “Buddha of Karl Marx” on November 20, 1956 before delegates of the 4th World Buddhist Conference held at Katmandu (Nepal). His Highness the Prince of Nepal, Dr.Mrs.Ambedkar and Bhante Chandramani are also seen.

On return from Kathmandu paying a visit to the Buddhist holy place, Sarnath on 24th November 1956.- Dr.Ambedkar

Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru came to pay homage to Dr.Ambedkar on December 6, 1956 at 26 Alipore Road, New Delhi. Dr.Ambedkar’s dead body is seen.

Dr.Ambedkar died on December 6, 1956 at his residence 26 Alipore Road, New Delhi. The historic (biggest in Bombay History) funeral procession started from Rajgraha on December 7, 1956.

A Stupa situated at Chaitya Bhoomi, Dadar Choupati, Bombay where Dr.Ambedkar was cremated on December 7, 1956.

Dr.Ambedkar’s Statue in the Campus of Parliament House, New Delhi. Dr.Ambedkar – an eternal source of inspiration to the Indian Parliament.

“Bharat-Ratna” India’s Highest Civil Award was conferred on Dr.Ambedkar (Posthumously) on April 14, 1990. H.E. Shri.R.Venkatraman, President of India Presented “Bharat-Ratna” to Dr.Mrs.Savita Ambedkar, wife of Dr.Ambedkar at Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi.

Statue Lord Buddha